Ecessa: Defining SD WAN Services

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As the buzz around Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) continues to grow in the Telecom industry, Ecessa has emerged as a top tier provider for SD-WAN products and services.
In the early 2000’s, businesses began depending on the internet at an increasing rate, but there were shortfalls in securing reliable connections. Ecessa recognized this issue and developed their first device, Powerlink, which allowed businesses to “pool available bandwidth while delivering business continuity by leveraging multiples ISP’s to provide failover and redundancy.” The Ecessa products also add security features such as Firewall and VPN’s for another level of protection. This was a big advance in the industry, and the technology is still relevant today. WAVE chatted with Eric Brooker, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Ecessa, regarding their current offerings and where they are going in the future.

Jump forward to 2017 and Ecessa’s WANworX SD-WAN device is addressing the needs many businesses have in increasing productivity through continuous internet connectivity. The goal of this product is to ensure companies no longer feel the impact of services being down, because, let’s face it, services are going to go down at some point regardless of the carrier. By aggregating the primary and secondary internet connections into one pooled line, the WANworX products can provide load balancing and automatic fail-over. This applies to voice, video and data traffic. It should be noted; this is also an on premise solution and does not rely on Data Centers which can add another point of failure and latency to a network.
Here is a brief introduction into the WANworX WAN product.

Customers who have had tremendous success with this product are within the Legal, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transportation and Engineering markets. Check out one of Ecessa’s many case studies with each of these industries here.

Into the New Year, Ecessa is expanding their Global capabilities as well as continuing to meet the challenges of growth and constant research and development of their products.
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