Natural Wireless Offering Same SLA as Fiber Services & Internal Redundancy Plan for Fixed Wireless

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Natural Wireless is quickly becoming the front runner for Fixed Wireless services in New York City and Northern New Jersey. WAVE sat down with Dror Shuchman and Benjamin Tansky of Natural Wireless this month to get a deeper dive into their current infrastructure and what lies ahead.

Natural Wireless stands out in the Telecom industry for a few key reasons. Two of them being their 99.99 % Service Level Agreement for ultralow latency, which match’s Fibers’ SLA, and their internal redundancy infrastructure.

Furthermore, if a buildings’ services are affected by any road construction, physical issues with the wiring at the entrance, or even water damage, Natural Wireless states that their services will remain intact. They also own their entire network from end to end.

These key differentiators make them a competitive solution as a primary, or Backup, DIA connection for companies that cannot afford to have any downtime.

This carrier also provides a unique internal redundancy plan. Dror explains that each of their connections are part of a ring of redundancy, which connect each end point to two additional network locations. If one of those connections fails, it is automatically re-routed to the other.


Although Natural Wireless’ primary focus is DIA service, they are looking to grow their NNI connections in the future. The biggest challenge Natural Wireless has experienced is awareness of service availability and education of their unique product benefits and competitive advantage. However, we are finding that more and more clients are turning to this type of service for their broadband connection.

We at WAVE have had enormous success with all of their installations and the service they provide. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Natural Wireless in 2016.

Check out one of their recent case studies that demonstrates their level of service:

Natural Wireless Helps KLM– Royal Dutch Airlines Achieve the Perfect Transatlantic Live High Five

For more information on the benefits and differentiation that Natural Wireless provides, please see the brochure by clicking here.

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