PGI: Web, Audio & Teleconferencing Focused on User Experience

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PGI is known for their Enterprise Web, Audio & Video conferencing services that allow businesses to collaborate seamlessly.

According to their website, PGI has approximately 50,000 Enterprise clients across 155 countries, of which are billing $567 Million as of 2014. Within those numbers, PGI has hosted over 1.2 Billion people with their teleconferencing services, as well as an astonishing 300 Million virtual meetings. They also stated that, out of the 50,000 Enterprise clients, 75% of them are Fortune 100 companies.

So, how do their current services back these statistics? What makes them different from their competitors?

We recently met with Don Felman, Partner Executive for PGI Partner Sales, to break it down for the WAVE team.

In brief, PGI offers customizable, extremely user- friendly, teleconferencing and web conferencing. Their services are scalable to meet any type/size clients in the US, or abroad, and can support 20 languages. Whether your company needs basic audio conferencing services for a few users, or complete web casting for 10,0000 users, PGI is a great fit with competitive rates.

Don points out a Wainhouse Research survey, documenting that half of all web meetings start 5 minutes or more late because of technical difficulties.  Based on this,  it’s no surprise that respondents rank “ease of use” as one of the most critical factors in a decision, even ahead of pricing, features, and reliability.

Thus, PGI has made every effort to make things as simple as possible.  Their tools require no downloads for participants to join, and the make it easy for hosts to run meetings, while incorporating usable mobile apps. The tools also focus on calling back the participant/host so they don’t have to remember any dial in numbers or passcodes anymore.

Their services also offer the basics of voice recording, registration, user surveys, screen/document sharing and beyond. Each user also has individual cloud based storage on their conferencing license for sharing presentations, documents, videos, and recording. PGI is compatible with Skype for Business and WebEx.

PGI also offers 24/7 operator assistance. If a client is experiencing any technical issues or have a question about the programs’ functionality during a conference, they can simply hit their help button and someone will join the call in real time to assist. The WAVE team tested this ourselves and client support person was on the call within 1 minute. This feature allows the conference or event to continue without delay and saves time for its users and their IT Teams.


The biggest challenge PGI has experienced this past year is the onset of growth paired with the consistent development of their iMeet & GlobalMeet platforms. They are constantly working to optimize user experience and compete within their market. We’ve seen these advancements with the launch of their iMeet Sales Accelerator, iMeet VRC (video recording connector), iMeet Agenday, and iMeetLive ( a global broadcasting tool). PGI also puts a major focus on building up their internal resources in order to meet the level of support their clients require.


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